How do I rent a jet ski in Porto Vecchio without a boat licence?

Of all the destinations most popular with the French and their border neighbors alike, Corsica tops the list. Its coastline, its gastronomy, its songs, its flora and fauna... It's not called "L'île de beauté" for nothing. To help you discover its many landscapes, we offer jet ski rental in Porto Vecchio. Renting a jet ski without a license is a simple and original way to cruise the island's clear waters!

All about jet ski hire in Porto Vecchio

Considered one of Europe's most beautiful islands, Corsica lies in southeastern France, close to Sardinia. Its short distance from Italy gives it a Mediterranean flavour and atmosphere. As part of the French territory, the island still retains the charged memory of its former emperor: Napoleon.

To discover the beaches that have made its reputation, but also to become more deeply rooted in its history, Jet Liberty puts the jet ski rental in Porto Vecchio ! This original, sporty and fun activity will meet the needs of everyone. From the age of 16, take a seat on one of our jet skis. However, you must be accompanied by an experienced professional guide, who will show you all the beauty of Corsica.

This Mediterranean island offers a multitude of varied landscapes, from chic coastal towns to forests and mountains... It's worth noting that half of the island's territory is classified as a nature park! Anyone who has ever walked the paths of the G20 will be able to confirm this.

With a rental of jet ski in Porto Vecchio without a license, whether you're with friends, family, alone or as a couple, it's the perfect way to relax.

Jet ski rental without a licence: what are the conditions?

When renting a jet ski in Porto Vecchio, we ask you to follow certain safety instructions, which we will be happy to explain to you when the time comes. Although this is an exceptional activity that guarantees maximum pleasure, we want above all to ensure maximum safety for all our customers who have come to place their trust in you.

Renting a jet ski without a license requires a qualified and responsible person to accompany you. That's why we require the presence of one of our friendly instructors and guides.

To discover the Corsican landscape in a different way, we offer 6 different types of excursion, ranging from 30 minutes to 5 hours! It's up to you to choose according to your desires, your possibilities and your budget. However, you should know that our jet ski rental rates in Porto Vecchio are incomparable and offer very good value for money!

When renting a jet ski without a license, it's important to note that possibilities may depend on weather conditions. We have to take into account such details, which are essential for everyone's safety and to ensure that the outing takes place in the best possible conditions.

Your Porto Vecchio jet ski rental with Jet Liberty includes fuel, jets, equipment and initiation.

How do I book a jet ski rental in Corsica?

If you'd like to put your trust in us and discover the Corsican countryside by renting a jet ski without a license, you can visit our website to make an online reservation. Alternatively, you can contact us by phone or e-mail!

For even greater satisfaction, and to enable as many people as possible to discover the pleasures of a jet ski rental in Porto Vecchio, we accept vacation vouchers! Whatever package you choose, whatever time we spend together, we guarantee you an outing full of memories.

It's possible to rent a jet ski without a license in Porto Vecchio! Contact Jet Liberty.

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