Jet ski rental in Santa Giulia with Jet Liberty

There's plenty to do on the island of beauty. Among them, you can take a ride on a jet ski rental in Corsica. At Jet Liberty, we offer jet ski rentals in Santa Giulia and all around Porto Vecchio!

Jet ski rental in Santa Giulia: what to see?

Visit jet ski rental in Santa Giulia will enable you to explore the area around Porto Vecchio. We offer a variety of hikes to discover the treasures hidden along the coast. Among the outings we offer you will find:

  • Cala Rossa: during this outing you'll discover the area around Porto Vecchio as far as Cala Rossa.
  • Saint Cyprien The Bay of St Cyprien and its surrounding beaches: on this hike, you'll discover the Bay of St Cyprien and its surrounding beaches.
  • La Pointe de la Chiappa This outing takes you on a tour of the area around Porto VecchioSt Cyprien, Cala Rossa and the Pointe de la Chiappa.
  • Palombaggia Tahiti Beach, the Cerbicales islands and Palombaggia.
  • Santa Giulia This attractive hike combines the highlights of previous outings. Added to this, you'll discover the surroundings of Santa Giulia and Porto Novo.
  • Île du taureau: a long outing where you can also discover the Bay of Rondinara and Bull Island.
  • Bonifacio Santa Amanza, Piantarella, Sperone, Santa Maria grotto, Bonifacio, Pirates' Bay and the Lavezzi and Cavallo islands: this half-day excursion takes in Santa Amanza, Piantarella, Sperone, Santa Maria grotto, Bonifacio, Pirates' Bay and the Lavezzi and Cavallo islands.

Jet ski rental in Corsica: our services

To make your experience unforgettable, we've put together a range of services. You can choose from jet ski rental in Corsica that best meets your expectations.

For your jet ski tour in Corsica, you'll be accompanied by a BPJEPS instructor. You can opt for group outings or private excursions.

To rent a jet ski in Santa Giulia without an instructor, you'll need a boating license. Under French law, anyone driving a jet ski on their own must be in possession of a boat license. boating licence.

In all cases, our Santa Giulia jet ski rentals are per scooter, not per person. So you can rent a jet ski by yourself or with 2 people. We would also like to remind you that only people over the age of 16 are authorized to drive a jet ski. In addition, minors must present written parental authorization to take part in the activity.

Jet Liberty makes your life easier!

Our Santa Giulia jet ski rental service aims to provide you with the best possible experience. That's why we Jet Liberty is surrounded by a dynamic, friendly and experienced team. We'll offer you an adventure that's as entertaining as it is safe, while respecting everyone's limits.

To make it easier for you to get in touch with us, we've set up a digital booking system. Here you'll find all our services. You can then choose the jet ski rental in Santa Giulia that suits you best. You can then add additional services and choose the date and time that suits you best.

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