Why choose Jet Liberty for your Porto Vecchio jet ski rental?

Jet skis are an excellent means of transport, allowing you to cruise the sea at top speed and enjoy the thrill of the ride. As you drive, you'll feel the adrenalin rush! Instead of diving to explore the fauna of the Isle of Beauty, or hiking up the hills along the coast, you can also enjoy water sports activities with a jet ski rental in Porto Vecchio with Jet Liberty. Want to find out more? Here are just some of the reasons why you should take advantage of our services for a crazy day on Corsica's transparent waters! 

Jet ski rental in Porto Vecchio with Jet Liberty

Visit jet ski rental in Porto Vecchio is a must when you're planning to set sail and visit the Isle of Beauty. Corsica is an island of exotic charm and pleasant climate, ideal for sea excursions. If you're a fan of beautiful boat trips, a jet ski rental in Porto Vecchio with Jet Liberty is just the ticket. 

Not everyone can navigate, but not everyone can pilot a jet ski. This machine is accessible to children aged 16 and over. It's the perfect way to enjoy the sea in complete freedom! Of course, if you don't have a boating license, an instructor will ensure your safety on board! 

Choosing the right nautical base for your Porto Vecchio jet ski rental is an important decision. Make sure you find out about the services it offers and the type of jet ski tour it can provide. 

Rely on the expertise of a recognized nautical base 

Jet Liberty is a nautical base in Corsica that offers jet ski rental in Porto Vecchio with or without a boat license. Even if you don't have a boat license, Jet Liberty guarantees you a risk-free ride. An instructor will be with you every step of the way, ensuring your safety. Our nautical base can organize a risk-free trip on the sea to discover all the wonders of southern Corsica. 

The hike can last from 30 minutes à one hour but it is also possible to extend the duration of the course or even go further, depending on your wishes and requirements. 

Whatever the case, Jet Liberty has only one priority: to provide you with unique sensations. Jet ski rental in Porto Vecchio involves a few short steps and basic supervision before you begin your adventure. Note also that jet ski rental in Porto Vecchio is accessible to minors over the age of 16. It is also possible to have a passenger aged 7 and over ride in the back of the machine. 

Organize a sea tour in South Corsica

Your experienced nautical base in Corsica will provide you with an unforgettable vacation full of surprises. Jet Liberty can help you organize your jet ski rental in Porto Vecchio. From Porto-Vecchio, discover the most mythical spots between Santa Giulia, Rondinara, Palombaggia and Spérone. You can also take advantage of other activities such as swimming, diving, snorkelling and much more. 

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