Jet ski tours in Corsica: discover our services!

Are you on vacation in Corsica? There are many ways to visit this beautiful region. To get the most out of your stay, renting a jet ski could be an excellent idea! This will allow you to discover the Corsican coastline in a completely different way, while enjoying the thrill offered by these water scooters. At Jet Liberty, we offer different types of jet ski tours in Corsica, so you can choose the one that suits you best.

Discover Jet Liberty  

Thanks to 25 years' experience in organizing excursions and jet ski rentals in Corsica, the Jet Liberty team has acquired great expertise in the field, enabling us to offer you quality services tailored to your needs.

Accompanied by a BPJEPS instructor, you'll enjoy an unforgettable jet ski touring in Corsica that's sure to give you a thrill. The duration of this excursion depends on your wishes. We offer jet ski tours in Corsica lasting from 30 minutes to 5 hours. The places visited and the routes vary according to the duration, the outing and the weather conditions.

Jet ski rental requirements in Corsica with Jet Liberty

If you hold a boating licenceYou can choose to rent a jet ski in Corsica with Jet Liberty. Jet ski packages are available by the hour. 

You should also know that jet ski rental without a license in Corsica. Whatever type of jet ski tour you choose, you can embark alone or with 2 people per scooter. The driver must be over 16 years of age to rent a jet ski. For minors, written parental permission is required.

An original nautical activity: opt for a jet ski trip in Corsica!

For every Jet Liberty jet ski tour in Corsica, you'll finish at the starting point. Please note that the routes of our tours may vary according to weather conditions. We'll then suggest a suitable and ideal solution for a jet ski excursion in the best possible conditions. At Jet Liberty, we offer a wide variety of jet ski tours in Corsica:

Jet skiing in Porto Vecchio

This jet ski tour of Corsica takes you on a 30-minute tour of 16 km of sailing. You'll start your journey aboard the Golfo Di Sogno. You'll then discover the Golfo de Porto VecchioYou'll then return to your starting point.

Jet skiing in Saint Cyprien

Your 50-minute jet ski tour in Corsica starts from Golfo Di Sogno. You'll cover 20 km and discover Benedettu beach, Cala Rosa, the bay of St Cyprien and the wreck of the Pecorella.

Jet skiing on Chiappa beach

This is a one-hour jet ski tour of Corsica. From the Golfo Di Sogno, you'll travel around 22 km. You'll discover the Golf de Porto Vecchio, St Cyprien, the Pointe de la Chiappa and Cala Rossa. 

Jet skiing in Palombaggia 

On this 1.5-hour jet ski tour, you'll sail for around 42 km. You'll start at the Golfo Di Sogno, then move on to the Golf of Porto Vecchio, Chiappa Point, Plage de Tahiti, Cerbicales Islands, Palombaggia and Santa Giulia. 

Jet skiing in Santa Giulia

From Golfo Di Sogno, you sail around 50 km on this 2-hour jet ski tour of Corsica. You'll discover the tip of Chiappa, Tahiti beach, the Cerbicales islands and Palombaggia, Santa Giulia and Porto Novo. 

Jet skiing in Rondinara

This jet ski tour in Corsica lasts 2h30. During this tour, you'll cover approximately 60 km. Starting from Golfo Di Sogno, you'll discover the Pointe de Chiappa, the Tahiti beach, the Cerbicales islands, Santa Giulia, Porto Novo and then the bay of RondinaraYou'll then head back to the Golfo Di Sogno.

Jet skiing in Bonifacio

This last jet ski tour in Corsica lasts 5 hours. Also departing from Golfo Di Sogno, you'll make a circuit of approximately 110 km of navigation. You'll discover Santa Giulia, Porto Novo, Rondinara, Santa Manza, Piantarella, Sperone, Santa Maria Cave, BonifacioPirate Bay, the island of Lavezzi and the island of Cavallo.

Do you feel like an adventure? Book your jet ski tour in Corsica with Jet Liberty! 

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